1. Is safe to swap with KicksSwapper?

Yes, it is 100% safe to swap with us.

We ensure your kicks are real, and you get your pair fairly. If your requested pair doesn't show up to our Hub, you get your kicks AND service fee back!


2. What if the person I’m swapping with doesn't ship the pair I wanted, and I have already shipped mine?

Because you are shipping to the KicksSwapper Hub, we do not ship out your kicks until we have received the requested pair AND have authenticated it as real. If the other party doesn't ship your pair, we return your pair at no cost AND return your service fee!


3. What if the person I’m swapping with ships a FAKE shoes!?

Because you are shipping to the KicksSwapper Hub, we do not ship out your kicks until we have authenticated both pairs as real. If the other party ships a fake pair, we return your pair at no cost AND return your service fee!


4. What happens to the person that ships fake shoes?

If we deem a pair is fake, we do not approve the swap. We ship back the pair to the owner, and they are charged return shipping & a $25 Cancellation Charge for the product not being as described.


5. I found a pair in the size I need, what do I do?

Just click “Request Swap”. It will then prompt you to sign up and add the pair you have if you haven’t already. Once you have filled this out, just sit back and wait for the other user to approve your swap!


6. Are all shoes new, deadstock?

Yes, we only allow swaps of brand new shoes, in deadstock condition.


7. Is there a fee for this service?

Yes, however included in KickSwapper’s service charge is a free authentication (makes sure the shoes you are getting are real), and free shipping with tracking number of your new pair to you. Our worry-free service starts at only $29!


8. How long does it take to ship?

All swaps are processed right away once both pairs arrive at the KicksSwapper Hub. The sooner you ship your pair, the sooner you get your pair. Please allow 3-7 business days for your pair to arrive once shipped from the KicksSwapper Hub.


9. How can I check my order status?

You will receive an email with your tracking number from the shipping provider.


10. How long does the other swapper have to approve my swap?

Each user is allowed 3 business days to approve or decline a swap before it is cancelled by KicksSwapper. No fees are applied to these cancellations.


11. Once a swap is approved, how long do we have to ship our shoes.

The sooner you ship the sooner you get your pair. Because this is a marketplace for people who truly want their size and shoes, we allow 7 business days to ship shoes before we cancel the transaction and charge you the Cancellation Fee of $25.


12. How can I pay the service fee or cancellation fee?

We accept Paypal & the following credit cards:

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express


13. Can you ship to my work address?

We only ship to Credit Card billing address', or PayPal confirmed address, there are no exceptions.


14. Can I cancel / change my order?

We cannot cancel an order once it has been place, so please be sure before you give your credit card information.


15. Can I return / exchange my order?

All swaps are final. No refunds, no exchanges in any circumstances.


16. Are All shoes authentic?

All shoes are guaranteed to be 100% authentic once they leave the KicksSwapper Hub. No knockoffs, B-Grades, or Variants!


17. What if my pair doesn't show up?

We ship all shoes with tracking information via USPS or UPS. Once the shoe leaves the KicksSwapper Hub, the package is the responsibility of the recipient and the carrier. Please pay attention to tracking information sent, and be ready to accept your package. KicksSwapper is not responsible for shoes lost, damaged, or stolen once it leaves the KicksSwapper Hub.


18. Is there any products which you are not showing on the site?

Every shoe submitted by a user must be approved by KicksSwapper before being put on the site. Check back every day as new shoes are added daily!


19. My size is not shown on the website but is there any way you can get my size as well?

We only post sizes that users submit. If you cant find your size, upload your pair onto the site with the size you are requesting! Someone out there may find your pair and want to swap.


20. When I requested my swap, my swap is cancelled because the items are all sold out.

All items are swapped on a first come, first serve basis.


21. Why was my order was cancelled?

All swaps without Credit Card billing address, or PayPal confirmed address will be automatically cancelled.


22. Can you keep the item on hold?

We do not accept holds for any items.


23. Is there any discount available?

There are no discounts set at this time. Sign up to receive discounts from time to time.


24. I have a general question.

Please email us if you cannot find the answer to your question in our FAQ.


25. How and where do you ship?

We ship via UPS or USPS from our Hubs in Los Angeles, CA & Las Vegas, NV.


26. Can I track my order?

You will be provided with a tracking/delivery confirmation number once your swap has been shipping via email.


27. I can't track my item with a tracking number you gave me.

Sometimes it takes 24-48 hours to track your item depending on destination country.


28. How much is the shipping fee?

You are responsible for the shipping of your shoes to the KicksSwapper Hub. SHIPMENTS MUST INCLUDE TRACKING NUMBERS. Shipping from the Hub to your address is FREE!


29. Any shipping insurance available?

All orders from the continental United States will be insured for the full retail amount.


30. Can you put my item in extra box?

All orders are double boxed to provide optimal protection.


31. Do you ship international?

Not at the moment. Please stay tuned.


For sales, marketing, and other business questions, please email kicksswapper@gmail.com. Thanks!